Lime Sulfur Dip + 60 ml Syringe



Product Description

Lime sulfur is effective against many cat mites including cheyletiella, notoedres, and demodex mites.  It is also very effective against ringworm, which is a skin fungus that commonly occurs in cats.  Lime sulfur dips should be done once weekly to be effective.  Usually 4 dips are adequate.

Diluting the lime sulfur:

Lime sulfur should be diluted with warm water.  We recommend 30ml of lime sulfur per 1 quart of warm water.

Dipping the cat:

We recommend wearing rubber gloves during the procedure, otherwise your hands will smell like sulfur afterwards.  You can put a harness onto your cat and tie him or her into the bathtub or have someone else hold.  Make sure to use a harness v.s. a regular cat collar.  Sponge the lime sulfur mixture onto your cat.  Be careful around his or her head not to get it in the eyes or mouth.  You can pour some of the mixture onto your cats back as well and then sponge it towards his/her abdominal area and feet.  Make sure to cover your cats entire body with the exception of the eye and muzzle area.

Drying your cat:

Do not rinse your cat off after the dip and towel him or her dry.  Place a soft e-collar on until his or her fur is completely dry.  You can also blow dry your cat if he or her will let you.  Make sure to give your cat a lot of pets and treats after the dip.

Some important things to know beforehand:

• Lime sulfur will stain clothing and jewelry, so wear grubby clothing and remove jewelry.

• Lime sulfur will cause temporary yellowing of white fur.

• Lime sulfur smells strongly of rotten eggs.

• Have plenty of towels handy during the procedure and wear gloves.